CAD Trainers Slash Their IT Bill And Stop Schlepping Hardware

CAD Trainers Slash Their IT Bill And Stop Schlepping Hardware

No more compromise: offer a great CAD Training experience, slash your hardware bill and stop schlepping hardware.

Dealing with workstations is a tedious chore for CAD educators. The hardware that runs 3D CAD software is expensive, big and heavy. It’s a logistical nightmare to haul the equipment back and forth to the customer’s premises. Another pain is the clean-up and re-install of the CAD machines after a training has finished. Finally, CAD hardware ties up a lot of capital budget.

This leads to a dilemma. Offer a great class experience and deal with the high cost and the hassle of shipping. Or try to keep costs low and use the customer’s training generic training machines. In the latter case, the students have to suffer, as these machines are undersized for CAD software.

This doesn’t have to be.

  • What if you can magically transform your fleet of workstation into bits and bytes?  You could ship workstations anywhere as easy as sending an e-mail.
  • What if you can rent your hardware as quick as you rent a movie on Netflix? You only book the hardware when you need it.

A Virtual CAD Machine in the cloud can do all of that. It is a software-defined computer. All that is needed to access the Workstation-in-the-cloud is any computer with an internet connection. This so-called end-point can be in the Training Center, or at the customer’s premises. The virtual CAD machine can be rented per month or year, starting at $50.

Developments in virtualization, networking and GPU technology have made it possible to run CAD applications in the cloud. As a consequence, the vast majority of CAD vendors have certified virtual CAD machines. 

Finally, running CAD in the cloud is more secure than on local machines. A great illustration of this are Netflix and Spotify. Their cloud streaming platforms offered movie studios and music labels an answer to piracy.



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