Make your 3D designers happy – fire their CAD workstation

Thanks for visiting Designair - my name is Meike Franssen, and together with my team I have founded Desigair because we all believe that happy designers are productive designers.

Meike Franssen, founder designairspace

The quality of your company’s CAD designs has nothing to do with the physical location of designers – there’s no reason for staff to be chained to a desk. We’re the first company letting you build all your CAD designs in the cloud – regardless of your location.

We believe that cloud is the future of CAD. Over the last decade, more and more kinds of software have become available online – from word processing to project management to 3D gaming. Cloud technology keeps getting more powerful, and it can now support even graphics-intensive CAD design software.

Designair launched in 2016 and we’re a fast-growing team of 10 passionate CAD and cloud-technology experts. Our HQ is in Germany – the country’s gold-standard privacy laws mean your work is stored securely – and our service is available globally out of data centres in Europe and both US coasts.

As cloud-based software has become more popular, we realised the potential this offers for CAD designers. And although some forms of running CAD in the cloud have been possible for the biggest companies, we believe this should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

Today, product development teams, hardware designers, architecture firms and engineering & construction companies – in both start-ups and established businesses - enjoy our service. Plus we offer your CAD desktop in the cloud on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. There’s no up-front purchase costs, you get all the latest updates and you can close you account at any time (and get your data out as well). 

Our customers love the fact that Designair frees designers from desks – offering a truly flexible work/life balance. The cloud means your employees don’t always have to travel into the office to make design changes, meaning they’re happier and more productive. And, with lower IT costs, you’ll put a smile on the face of your finance manager too.

We believe that successful CAD projects should be done everywhere and anywhere – not limited to a physical location. Join us on our journey to bring CAD in the cloud to everyone.