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Designair partners with Splashtop to deliver better performance to remote designers

Designair partners with Splashtop to deliver better performance to remote designers

Februar, 26 2022 - Nürnberg, Germany, and Amsterdam - For immediate release

Designair, the leading virtual desktop-as-a-service provider for CAD and BIM designers, today announced a new partnership with Splashtop, a global leader in secure remote access and support software. Through the partnership, Designair customers will now use Splashtop’s client to access its virtual desktops, which will deliver better performance and improved security when working on large architecture and engineering files in the cloud. 

A growing number of engineers, designers and architects are using cloud environments to work on large, complex design files and to run CAD and BIM software. The cloud enables them to use any internet-connected computer, then remotely use Designair’s powerful cloud environment to run their software and edit large files over the internet.  

To connect to the remote desktop, Designair previously used a generic remote desktop client that allowed customers to access its cloud environment. However, by choosing to partner with Splashtop, end users will now have an even better performance when editing large files online.

Splashtop is the industry reference for secure remote desktop client software. It is already used widely in both the media and architecture and engineering industry due to its ability to provide a smooth remote editing experience. Splashtop delivers a powerful engine and up to 60 frames per second, which will make the experience of editing large files remotely significantly better for Designair’s customers.

Besides an improved experience for remote access, Splashtop also provides high security, including TLS encryption, user authentication on each device, and one-click sign in. This will make the experience of logging into files that users are editing in Designair quicker and easier than ever.

Designair also announced that its customers would not see this technological improvement reflected in their monthly subscriptions – the cost of using Designair will remain the same.

A spokesperson for Designair said:

“We are continually working to ensure our end users have the smoothest possible experience. When they are working away from the office, architects, designers and engineers want their remote desktops to be just as fast and responsive as traditional machines. By partnering with Splashtop, our end users will find it quicker and easier to edit big files remotely”.

A Splashtop spokesperson added:

“We are very pleased to partner with Designair and further increase our support for design, engineering and architecture professionals who are looking to work remotely.” 

About Designair

Designair was launched in 2017 in response to the growing demand for cloud-based CAD software. Their high-end Virtual Desktops with graphics power frees designers from their desks, and allows product development teams, hardware designers, architecture firms and engineering & construction companies – in both start-ups and established businesses - to work remotely and use high quality virtual desktops that are paid for on a monthly basis.

About Splashtop

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and Amsterdam, Splashtop is the leader in Secure Remote Access and Support, delivering an in-person experience users need with security IT can trust. Unlike clunky and slow remote access solutions, Splashtop’s in-person experience is as fast, simple and secure as being in front of the on-site machine. Our 4k quality at 60fps with enterprise-grade reliability and scalability sets the standard for performance. Splashtop streamlines access and support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android in a single application. With two-factor authentication and single sign-on built-in, as well as SOC2, GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA compliance provides trusted security. Splashtop’s instant global support allows users to talk directly to an expert, regardless of company size. Learn more at www.splashtop.com.


Brixtech and designair reseller agreement shows cloud CAD market is ripe for growth

Brixtech and designair reseller agreement shows cloud CAD market is ripe for growth

London (UK) and Nürnberg (DE) - Brixtech and designair today announced a new reseller agreement that will help designers use BricsCAD software in the cloud. 

Brixtech is the leading reseller of the popular BricsCAD software in the UK, while Germany’s Designair provide virtual desktops that let designers load CAD software and work on designs remotely. The reseller agreement will augment Brixtech’s offering by allowing customers to use BricsCAD anywhere.

Until now, designers who use BricsCAD would need to run the software on local computers in their office. But this new partnership means Brixtech can support the remote work revolution and give customers more flexibility. It will now be possible for users to ‘rent’ time on Designair's cloud-based virtual desktops and run BricsCAD (and BricsCAD BIM) over the internet.

This partnership demonstrates how the market for CAD and BIM in the cloud is beginning to expand. Brixtech are a leading BricsCAD reseller, so their decision to partner with Designair shows they believe the market is ready for this new approach to running CAD and BIM programmes in the cloud.

Following a year of remote working and a ‘new normal’ of hybrid office/WFH expected for many design jobs, this reseller agreement allows Brixtech to meet customers where they are. By letting designers create and edit large BricsCAD files in the cloud, it will be much easier for design businesses to shift to this new staffing model.

Brixtech CEO Shan Chaudri explains why Brixtech chose to collaborate with Designair: “With remote working on the rise, we could see our customers were in need of a solution that would let them work on design files anywhere”. After reviewing the options, Chaudri says Designair was the obvious choice: “We thoroughly assessed the Designair platform to verify whether it would meet our customers’ demanding expectations. We feel it is a solid, reliable and secure solution that will help designers work remotely with ease”. 

A Designair spokesperson said: “We are delighted to partner with the Brixtech team. Choosing Designair to let their customers use BricsCAD remotely is a vote of confidence in our technology”. The spokesperson added that: “With major resellers like Brixtech now offering a virtual workstation solution, this demonstrates that the CAD in the cloud revolution is truly beginning”.

To see how BricsCAD can be used remotely on the Designair platform, contact Brixtech or Designair for a demo.

In 2020, Bricsys (who create BricsCAD software) published a review of Designair on their website: https://blog.bricsys.com/can-virtual-workstations-support-your-remote-working/

About Brixtech

Brixtech is the modern familiar software reseller of the future. It is a young, innovative company founded on the principles of a customer first approach and a mantra of challenging the traditional status quo in the design market. Brixtech offers technology products, services and solutions to empower clients and drive change.

About Designair

Designair provides virtual workstations that let architects, engineers and designers work on complex 3D applications anywhere with an internet connection. With Designair, you can create complex 3D models in a browser. The service is available in North America and Europe and is currently used by CAD and BIM professionals in architecture, engineering, construction, education, and manufacturing sectors.

About Bricsys
Bricsys, a part of Hexagon AB’s PPM division, is a global provider of the BricsCAD® brand of engineering design software since 2002. They are relentlessly committed to the success of their customers by offering cost-effective, mission-critical CAD software with industry-leading product support. They have offices all over the world, partners in more than 80 countries, and 1,200 registered application developers.