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Companies, schools and individuals use designairspace for a wide variety of scenarios. Here are the 7 most common uses for our cloud-based CAD and BIM virtual desktops.

Remote working

designair makes remote working a breeze for designers

Remote working is now a normal part of business life. However, most architecture, engineering and design (AED) professionals cannot do remote working in the same way as other workers. This is because CAD and BIM software requires high-powered desktop computers with 3D graphics cards - this means that AED teams are chained to desktop PCs. Designair is built to enable remote working for CAD and BIM users. Our technology allows you to use any laptop or desktop to connect to our powerful virtual desktops in the cloud. You can then work with your preferred BIM and CAD software.

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Use Designair to:
  • Work from home - Facilitate remote working for AED professionals who use CAD and BIM
  • Speed and Protection – Provide fast and secure access to files
  • Avoid risk – Never loose design data in case of theft of expensive laptops
  • Save money – Choose a plan that costs a fraction of the price of physical workstations
  • Attract employees - Be the employer of choice for AED professionals who want the option of remote working

Multi-location collaboration

designair supports your single-firm, multi-office (SFMO) strategy

When architecture, engineering and design firms expand beyond a single office, collaboration becomes increasingly difficult. If your employees are using CAD or BIM technology on their desktop machines it becomes challenging to collaborate on 3D designs when colleagues are thousands of miles away.
Designair allows your company to use virtual machines (also known as virtual desktop infrastructure), making collaboration seamless. 3D renderings of your models can be created in the cloud by your teams wherever they are, allowing them to instantly work on designs and collaborate.

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Use Designair to:
  • Work smarter - Collaborate across facilities and complete projects sooner
  • Staff without compromise – Pull together the right team for each project, regardless of physical location
  • Have a ‘single version of the truth’ – Running 3D Applications online and keep 3D models in synch
  • Eliminate boundaries – With project teams that span multiple organizations
  • Reduce cost - Stop shipping high-spec computers between locations

Training and education

designair revolutionises CAD and BIM training and education

Training courses for CAD and BIM software have traditionally required students to attend classroom education centres to learn the technology. This can be expensive because students must travel to a central location to learn, while the education provider must frequently purchase and update expensive workstations with the latest technology.

With Designair, education providers and students can utilise virtual machines that offer best in class graphics cards regardless of their location. Whether students log in to learn remotely or at your premises, they have access to the most powerful virtual machines to support their training and coursework.

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Use Designair to:
  • Save money - Only pay for virtual machines when you need them.
  • Avoid travel – Students and professionals can learn CAD and BIM from anywhere
  • Democratise learning – Students do not need expensive high-spec laptops
  • Access Training Anytime – Coursework can be done anytime, anywhere with an internet connection
  • Student Flexibility - Our virtual machines are an Ideal option for self-directed learning

Freelancers, contractors and interns

designair makes it easy to work with external employees

More businesses than ever are using freelancers, contractors and interns to support projects and access unique skills for the short term. However, this is challenging for architecture, engineering and design firms since external employees introduce security issues as well as onboarding costs.

Designair makes it safe and easy to onboard external employees to your CAD and BIM projects. You can quickly ‘spin up’ a virtual machine where the freelancer, contractor or intern can collaborate on your projects, while you retain complete control over access and company IP

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Use Designair to:
  • Secure Access - Externals work in a secure and controlled environment
  • Save money – Avoid buying physical workstations that cost thousands of dollars
  • On-Demand Capacity – Quickly comission and de-comission virtual machines for your projects
  • Access Global Talent – Recruit freelancers from anywhere on the planet
  • BYOD - Let external employees bring their own devices

Options for casual, part-time and power CAD/BIM software users

designair gives you options for different user needs

Architecture, engineering and design companies have different kinds of users who use BIM and CAD software in a varying degree. Usage patterns range from an occasional review and edit of 3D models, to power usage, working on intricate design details all day long. All these users have in common that they need high-end machines with powerful graphics cards. to work with CAD and BIM applications., This means ‘casual’, ‘part-time’ and ‘heavy’ users all need powerful machines, even if they rarely use them at all time, all day.
allows you to provide high power virtual machines on a sliding scale subscription model. This means that occasional users, who only need to edit 3D models from time to time, get access for a lower number of hours (and cost) per month. On the other hand, ‘power’ full time users get unlimited access.

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Use Designair to:
  • Save money - Give casual CAD/BIM software users a $4000-machine experience for a fraction of the cost
  • Flexible Capacity – With our monthly plans you'll give them massive computing power for a small price
  • Be more flexible – Give every employees the right level of compute power
  • Ramp Up Quickly – Add virtual desktops instantly as your business grows
  • Cut Capex - Free up capital as you eliminate spend on physical hardware
  • Boost Productivity - Allow more people to contribute to projects

Testing, Trials, Demo’s and SaaS

designair revolutionizes sales and marketing for 3D modelling software

Demos, trials and free tests are essential steps in the sales and marketing funnel when customers consider purchasing your 3D modelling software. However, this has traditionally been a clunky and uninspiring experience. Sales demo’s must be made on laptops which may not offer the powerful graphics cards needed. Meanwhile free trials and tests may take hours to download, or not work properly on your target’s machine.
Designair offers CAD and BIM software sales and marketing teams a powerful new tool for promoting your products and winning new customers. Our virtual desktops use the latest AMD graphics cards which means they can run even the ‘heaviest’ modelling software with ease. You can then connect your sales teams or prospective customers to an online test environment which allows them instant access to your software anywhere on earth. Most exciting, vendors of 3D application can now package a SaaS offering and deliver this on Designair’s virtual desktops.

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Use Designair to:
  • Consistent Trial & Test Experience - Ensure your software shines as you provide it with the right compute power
  • Improve Qualification – Build a better qualified sales funnel with insights on trial engagement
  • Offer Great Demo's – Give sales teams the most reliable tool for demos
  • Peace of mind – Allow beta-users to test your software in a ring-fenced environment
  • Grow Your Market - Expand your business with a SaaS offering running on virtual machines

Business continuity

designair enables your CAD/BIM business continuity plan

From weather events to political instability to power outages and pandemics, there are countless potential disruptions to design work. Design professionals normally depend on high powered workstations at the office, but if they cannot get there during a disruptive event, your business loses days of productivity.
Designair provides virtual desktops that can be accessed anywhere in the world. This means that even if designers cannot get to the office, they can continue working remotely. Our virtual desktops are provisioned via highly secure cloud servers located in multiple locations across the world, which further minimises your risk of disruption.

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Use Designair to:
  • Be Disaster-Resistant - Your designers can continue working during challenging times
  • Simplify your continuity plans – Turn on virtual desktops when needed. This is much simpler than using VPNs or maintaining multiple laptops in case of disaster
  • Keep IP secure – Keep all your data in our secure cloud environments and NOT on laptops
  • Peace of mind – As You know that you have a reliable business continuity plan
  • Maintain control - With fine-grained control mechanisms and solid user permissions