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Designair digitally transforms your design team

Every industry and job role has been radically affected by the digital revolution. However, many CAD and BIM design teams continue to use yesterday’s technology – largely because designers are chained to desktop workstations.

This approach is holding CAD and BIM design back. It is slowing down productivity. It is inefficient. It doesn’t respond to the realities of modern work or lifestyles. And it’s expensive.

Designair brings you a unique service for CAD/BIM virtual workstations

Designairspace unleashes the power of the cloud for your design employees. We are the only virtual desktop provider that focuses exclusively on the needs of 3D modelling software for remote CAD and BIM design. That means our services are perfectly attuned to the needs of designers at architecture, manufacturing, education, constructions, engineering and design firms.

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Our unique capabilities

Uniquely designed for CAD and BIM

Designair is born in the cloud and our services are uniquely targeted at the needs of 3D modelling software users. With our two product lines – virtual desktops and bare-metal machines - you can run any application that needs a graphics card.

All popular 3D modelling software supported

With Designair, you can rapidly spin up a powerful virtual machine that supports the full range of 3D modelling software – from 2D AutoCAD, to Solidworks and Revit all the way to high-end visualization software such as UNREAL and Lumion.

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Try before you buy

Seeing is believing. We offer Free Trials and Free Proofs of Value so that you can experience designair's benefits before you make a buying decision.

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Pay as You Go

With designair, you only pay for virtual desktops when you need them - which means you can scale up and scale down as you need. Our virtual desktops are just as powerful as the most high-spec desktop machine, but a fraction of the cost. We offer plans in all sizes, starting at $60 per month


Scale up and down

Your business is not linear. As projects ramp up, you can add virtual desktops and decommission them throughout the course of a project.

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Instant provisioning

Once projects start, waiting is not an option. We provide your teams with virtual desktops in less than a day – anywhere in the world!


Zero IT Knowledge required

We do the heavy-lifting so you can focus on design work. You don’t need a VPN, special hardware or technical skills to use our virtual desktops.

Why your CAD data are secure with us.

Highest level of security

Our virtual desktops are accessed in ‘the cloud’. This means your projects and IP are managed in our secure servers. This is far safer than employees carrying sensitive files around on laptops or USB sticks, and much harder to ‘hack’ than a VPN.

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Future-ready CAD and BIM design

Digital technologies have revolutionised productivity, efficiency and working styles in almost every sector. And, with our CAD and BIM focused virtual desktops, we allow your design practice to digitally transform and become future-ready too.

The need for cloud-based CAD

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