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About Don Rekko

Don Rekko, Head of Growth and Co-Founder at Designair

Don Rekko is a distinguished international leader at the crossroads of CAD and Cloud Computing, boasting a career that spans over 25 years across North America and EMEA. His professional experience includes pivotal executive roles at major CAD and PLM vendors like PTC and Siemens, as well as trailblazing in innovative cloud computing startups. Don's leadership of large services organisations has been instrumental in implementing breakthrough technologies such as 3D CAD, Cloud Computing, PLM, Augmented Reality, and IoT. His efforts have significantly influenced the design processes of global giants of planes, trains and automobiles like General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Siemens, and Airbus.

With an academic foundation from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business  (MBA in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital) and Delft University of Technology (Master's in Industrial Design Engineering, specializing in Plastics Engineering), Don blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on expertise. His multicultural upbringing and fluency in English, German, and Dutch lend a unique lens to his professional story.

Currently, Don is Head of Growth at Designair, where he dedicates his expertise to the synergy of 3D CAD and Cloud computing, bringing their transformative impact to industrial product development and digital architecture. His blog delves into these technological advancements, offers management insights and offers a peek into his 'secret sauce' for success.

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